anime like itazura na kiss

anime like itazura na kiss

Anime Like Itazura na Kiss is Introduction and tell her feelings

anime like itazura na kiss Risa Koizumi, taller than a normal girl, and Atsushi Otani,

Lower Than Average Person: Endless fights and jokes about hate relationships are known throughout the school.

They do the same and love the same music, and their friendship is filled with laughter and yelling at each other, and certainly a lot of jokes about each other’s length.

But when Risa sees that her feelings for Otani are increasing, she becomes concerned.

She does not know him or see him as anything more than a friend.

With her friends around her, she struggles to make him see what he is like.

You feel sorry for her, and that a love affair between a tall girl and a short boy can work.

Forgetting Ootani doesn’t make things easier for her, but she is stubborn and persists in her strange way, determined to feel what she feels for him and eventually come back.

If she could do that without driving him and everyone else crazy about the anime love process like Itazura a kiss

anime like itazura na kiss

Hikari Hanazono Introduction And School Story

Hikari Hanazono, the main character, has always been second only to Kei Takeshima. While Hikari Kei is rival and friend in some way, Kei loves Hikari. Everybody knows it, but there are too many people to see it. His warrior fathers first showed up when they were six years old. Thinking that he was the best in the fight, the young Hikari challenged Kei in wrestling.

Since that tragic incident, Hikari has vowed to defeat Kei at school studies, a sporting event, whatever. To do this, he attended the same Kei school since elementary school. He now attends Hakusenkan, a very high school, which costs his carpenter’s father a lot of money. Hikari and Kei are the two best students in the school, Kei retains this first place.



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