lesbian anime kiss

lesbian anime kiss

some of the picture here lesbian anime kiss

lesbian anime kiss

lesbian anime kiss

 Best Anime girls character explanation here

Chizuru Introduction

Chizuru, the main character of Kanokon, is a girl in her second year of school. Chizuru, despite looking like a cute teenager, is a powerful 400-year-old Kitsune.

In her Kitsune form of hers, she has blonde hair, a thick white-tailed tail, and the age of foxes always pointing to the sky. She has a sweet personality and is always seen in short skirts that show off her beautiful thighs and long legs.

In the coolness of the anime couple, she always seems to be together with Kouta, who loves her so much. She makes sexually explicit suggestions about Kouta and wants to be with her. She has a carefree and cheerful personality about her love interest.

Kiri From Konohana Kitan

lesbian anime kiss

Kiri, referring to the paulownia tree, is an important part of Japanese culture. . She has white hair with kitsune blonde ears.

She has brown eyes and a slim body, which goes well with a dark blue kimono with beautiful floral prints. In the anime, she is a fun and reliable helper in Konohanatei and takes care of her young children.

Sakura Bokuseiinmonzeninari

Hyper Police Sakura is one of the hottest and sweetest sluts on this list, with her long blue hair and brown ears, she is one of the best gift hunters in all of the anime and sets her appearance to wear it properly.

She flies and is an amazing shotgun.  has been looking to increase her power and obtain all of the Nine-Tails for several years in the anime.

Zakuro, the demon-possessed fox who is the main character in the “Otome Youkai Zakuro” series. She has blue-violet hair tied in a double ponytail with a pink ribbon that forms a famous bow in her hair.



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