mashiro shiina

mashiro shiina

Adout Mashiro Shiina drawing and her school story

mashiro shiina (椎) is the protagonist of the story and lives in room 202 of the Sakura Residence, a world-renowned artist who moved to Suiko in her second year to study painting. She plans to draw manga.

Apart from drawing, she is very dependent on others. She, therefore, does not even have a basic mind. Because of this, Surata Kanda has to take care of her

shiina from her Mashiro of to the point that she has to wear it, otherwise she will go to school naked.

However, she can memorize what she could see at any time by imagining it as an image. stay in school without fail; She memorizes the answers to the correction tests in no time and gets the best grades of all.


Mashiro shiina’s autism body stats are B79 / W55 / H78 inches and B31 / W21 / H30 inches.  has often been noticed in the series that she is very beautiful and has a very small body.

She has pale skin with red eyes and long white hair that reaches down to her waist.  is often seen in a school uniform consisting of a white shirt with short sleeves, a red tie,

a blue jacket, a light-colored skirt with a purple stripe,

white knee-high socks, and brown shoes if not, to Illegal clothing

mashiro shiina


Mashiro is an excellent musician, but she is amazing in everything else due to a lack of understanding of her. She has no feelings at all, often uses a blank slate, and speaks harshly.

Mashiro has a low voice, she is a girl with few words

because sometimes she is not sure what to think let alone what to say.

These factors may indicate that she has autism.

Eccentric as if she lived in her world. As a result, they tend to react to situations with inconsistencies and behave differently from others.

For example, sometimes Mashiro Surata gives him words of encouragement that confuse him rather than happy.

Mashiro can be considered a role model, who can easily believe in others and can quickly convince herself of the abilities of others depending on how hard the person tries to achieve her goal.

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