paradise kiss anime 2

paradise kiss anime 2

 Paradise Kiss Anime 2 Story When He Comes To School

In Paradise kiss anime 2, on her way home from school, she is faced with a strange-looking man who starts looking at her body. He has blonde hair, a round neck, and many eyelets on his ears and face.

He wants nothing to do with her, he runs away from her, only to meet a very tall and beautiful woman with purple hair and a flower pattern in her eye.

Yukari passes out from the shock and then wakes up in a strange place called Atelier. It turns out that these unknown people are fashion designers who attend a very famous art school.

Around, Yazawa Academy of Art and her team want Yukari to model her product at the next Yazawa Academy show.

at Yukari, she rejected her request and fled the workshop, but unknowingly she left her school card. George Koizumi, the great designer, saw it on time

And knew immediately that she would be a good example for them

that she would not give up until he found what he was looking for and sought it out.

Yukari might not have been considered as small as a model before, but would life be that interesting among these eccentric designers?


 paradise kiss anime 2

Yukari “Caroline” Hayasaka Her Future Goals And Her Attitude In School

paradise is an anime Yukari is a good high school student who is studying hard to enter the university entrance exams. He finds no purpose in his repetitive life and feels that he has never lived.

As a respected high school student, he started with an arrogant attitude towards trendy students.

Members of Parakeet often refer to him as “Caroline” or “Carrie”. (Before the group knew her name, they called her Caroline Paradise kiss episode 1 anime freak

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