shiina mashiro 2

shiina mashiro 2

shiina mashiro 2


                Shiina Mashiro 2 has a close relationship with Surata, who was her first boyfriend since all her other friends in England were girls. Surata is one of the few who can make Mashiro smile.

Despite his incarceration, Surata is often frustrated by Mashiro’s inability to work.

In her basic life, however, he continues to care for her independently of her.

Eventually, Mashiro becomes emotionally attached to Surata, and in her brilliant book, he says that he cannot live without her. But she does not know how to express these feelings and it is difficult for her to express her love.

For example, when Mashiro noticed how Misaki showed love to Jin by cooking for him and making lunch for him, Mashiro wanted to learn how to cook for Surat and get closer to him.

Another example is when Mashiro suddenly disappears from a party just looking for Surata and handing him the Baumkuchen cake that he found at the party.

him that he thought he would please Surata. In the last episode of the anime, Mashiro kisses Surata on the cheek.

In the eighth novel, Surata agrees

shiina mashiro 2

her feelings for her and in the next novel, they became a legal couple. In novel 10, Mashiro breaks up with Surata because she believes her relationship is hurting them by constantly comparing herself to him.

What she hurts him and what infuriates him about not being equal to him also hurts him. After they broke up, they hadn’t seen each other in 4 years.

Tell Sorata Kanda Game Developing

However, Mashiro still supports Surata games, like playing concert games created by Surata and Surata follows Mashiro’s false story. At the end of the tenth novel,

4 years have passed and Mashiro (who has been very successful in lying about him) meets Surata (who has also been a great success in building the game) where they rekindle their relationship and promise to start over.

At the end of volume 10.5, one year and nine months after their relationship reconciliation,

Mashiro is still busy with his lies and Surata is still busy developing the game.

However, Surata found time to go to Mashiro’s apartment and stayed a long time.

Surata also invited Mashiro to his hometown of Fukuoka to meet his parents. This means that they have taken a very serious step in their relationship. In the next post ……..

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