shiina mashiro 3

shiina mashiro 3


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All adout Rita Ainsworth life

Rita and Zhenbai met when Rita came to Rita’s grandfather’s studio when Rita was six years old.
Eventually, I began to envy Shiina Masayo’s talent and taught her to use a computer to make jokes.
Let Zhenbai move to Japan to become a fake artist, hoping that Zhenbai will fail and understand how he and other actors learn in the studio.
After graduating from high school, Majoro did not finish his university studies and focused on comedy.
He lives in an apartment near Sakura and Rita’s house and goes to university in Japan.

Namami Aoyama is jealous?

Mashiro Nanami is a good friend because everyone calls each other by his name.
However, Mashiro is sometimes jealous of Surata and Namami’s close friendship, interpreting Surata’s behavior as an act of love.

shiina mashiro 3

In the second half of the story, Shiina Majo 3’s love for Surata also grows, because Majo is also a factor that must be taken into account. He put aside his feelings for Mayo.
In the tenth book, Nanba and the residents of Sakurajima jointly developed a document linking Surata and Shinyo after four years of separation.

Story of Misaki kamikusa love

Misaki is called shiina mashiro 3 “Mashiron” because she likes to add “n” to the end of the noun.
Mashiro is similar to Misaki in terms of painting, the only difference is that Misaki drew anime pictures.
Shindai deals with lies.
The two cooperated and appeared in episode 23. Misaki said that she fell in love with Zhen Bai at first sight because Zhen Bai saw him.

Misaki expressed the hope that Majo would be proud of him and look/love him. This stupefies Zhenbai.

Kanda yuko

Regarding Kyjinjo and Yuko, they are about to talk to Surata’s son.
Majo knows how to deal with Yuko’s accusations and plans to become a shocking backup team “C”, which annoys him.

Sengoku Chihiro

Since they rarely speak, their relationship is rarely established as cousins and age differences.

Also, since Chihiro paid attention to Sutaro, Mayo’s cousin never had a chance to contact him again.

Aida Ayano

Mashiro obeyed his editor Ayano, who ordered him to do everything. Mashiro often seeks his help, either for his lies or for his life,

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