shiina mashiro

shiina mashiro

shiina mashiro

The manga presented by Hōki Kusano, Dengeki G’s Magazine, and Dicki G’s Comic was published in ASCII Media Works.

A drama CD was released on June 28, 2012. The 24-episode anime series produced by JC Staff aired between October 2012 and March 2013.

Surata Kanda (田 田 空 太, Kanda Surata)

Surata is the one who argues with the man in this story. She is a sophomore (after junior year) who lives in room 101 in Sakura County.

with the lost cat that she had found (she couldn’t resist taking the lost cats

ended up with seven in her room).

Shiina mashiro Since most of the residents of sakura have varying degrees and artistic abilities, you often feel familiar.
Chihiro, the accommodation manager, appointed her to take care of Mashiro, the “pet girl”.

At the end of the thirteenth novel, she confessed to Mashiro.

Surata has decided to become a computer game engineer,

but the offer of her game to the popular computer games company has been repeatedly denied.

In her sixth book, she decided to do a play on her own.

Shina Mashiro (ろ ま し ろ, Shina Mashiro)

Mashiro is a female opponent.  lives in room 202 and is a world-renowned artist who moved to Suiko during her year of study to learn how to draw lies.

also needs to choose her underwear to wear or go out.

focuses on what she wants to do and draws lies, entertains, and motivates Surata. She gets very bad grades because she can’t pay attention in class,

but she can still pass the drawing tests remembering all of her responses by photographing her artistic abilities.

In the third book, Mashiro begins to develop her feelings for Surata, even saying that he cannot live without her.

According to Mashiro, she plans to stay at Surata’s house and work as a fake artist after graduation.

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